• 04 Jan 2022 Coming Soon! New Features and Functionality with Identity Cloud!


    • Localize the language of hosted pages
    With localized hosted page templates, your end-users’ login journeys can be automatically adapted to the languages of your choice.

    When a user registers or authenticates, the user’s locale is picked up from the browser, and the page is then displayed in their local language.

    This allows you to deliver a tailored experience that meets the regional needs of your users.
    • Extend user attributes
    By extending user attributes with your own custom attributes, you can store more useful information about each user.

    These attributes can include the user’s department, cost centers, application preferences, device lists, and so on.

    For more information on user identity attributes, please refer to the documentation here.
    • Explore new cloud connectors
    With our cloud-native MS Graph and SAP SuccessFactors connectors, it will be simpler to manage users within Azure Active Directory and SAP SuccessFactors.

    The new connectors will allow you to manage the full user identity lifecycle from the cloud without the need to install any other components on-premises.
    For previously released changes and enhancements, please see our Changelog Page.

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