• 16 Dec 2021- Arrived! New Features and Functionality with Identity Cloud!

    • Themed User Journeys
    Offers out-of-the-box design options for administrators so they can quickly and easily configure identity journeys that give the end user a secure and effortless experience.

    For example, developers can easily build a login journey that includes a username, password, and two-factor-authentication such as a one-time password or a push notification to the end user's mobile device.

    These pre-configured journeys make it simple for large organizations to customize common digital experiences or even create new ones.
    • ForgeRock Organizations

    Enables IT teams to match specific security configurations like password policies and access permissions with different identity types – all from a single implementation.

    This approach saves customers time and money by allowing them to consolidate multiple identity types into a single system.

    With ForgeRock Organizations enterprises have the flexibility to set up unique identity and access management configurations for different audiences.

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