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    ForgeRock SVP, Global Business and Corporate Development, Ben Goodman, shares his predictions for 2022 on What do ...

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    Check out CTO Eve Maler's 2022 security predictions in not one, but two (!) Solutions Review articles! Read about device security ...

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    The latest from our CTO, Eve Maler, on Forbes .

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    Remember the infosec sea shanty craze ? Then IDPro folks jumped in and we started doing identity sea shanties, because of course. ...

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  • The lounge is a place where we can talk, speculate and pontificate about the future. Your opinions are welcome, and Points of ...

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  • The healthcare example is really good. In that world, there is also the notion of "consent directives", which remind me of nothing ...

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  • Very succinctly put! Well done! ------------------------------ Lori Goldman ForgeRock ------------------------------

  • I was recently considering the differences between the terms Authorization and Consent in our digital data interactions: ...

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  • Welcome to the Lounge!

    Hi, I'm Eve, ForgeRock's CTO, and I'm pleased to welcome you to our Lounge. Here we like to discuss the hot topics of the day, ...

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  • 21 Oct 2021 - Verdict UK profiled our CTO Eve Maler for their CTO Talk series!

    • Cyber Security - Here's why she believes passwords are thing of the past! Learn more