Add java class to whitelist via API call or config file edit

I have a request to add some java classes to the scripting config whitelist for two clusters. I will need to have these included as part of my configuration going forward. Is there a way to add classes to a whitelist either via an api call or a direct edit to a file?
Or must I manually log in and navigate to Configure->global services->scripting->secondary configurations->->secondary configurations->engineConfiguration to add additional whitelists?

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Yes if you open your browser developer tools, you will see the api call and payload that the UI makes to AM when saving your configuration.
Ideally, you could use the ForgeRock CLI tool called Amster in order to push your configuration across environments in a programmatic fashion.
Here is the link to the Amster documentation:


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Just a belated reply of thanks. I found the API explorer and it gave me so much great guidance to make the changes I needed to