AM Installation

I have AM version 7.1.4 installed. Next I was trying to install 7.2.1. But somehow after deployment when I checked the footer, it was still the 7.1.4 version that was deployed. How do I change?

Hi @sudhanya-jaisingh

Can you share the steps you took to upgrade your AM instance, as well as what application container you are running AM in? The footer with the version information should update automatically, as that version information is pulled from the /json/serverinfo/version endpoint.

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Hey @mwtech
I used this guide to install the 7.1.4 version

I didn’t find any upgrade folder here so I replaced the 7.1.4 war file with the 7.2.1 war file instead to try and see if its getting upgraded. I did the entire process mentioned in the guide but after the configuration was complete, somehow the 7.1 version was deployed.
I’m using JDK 11 and apache tomcat version 9

I was careful to remove all traces of the 7.1 version before replacing with the 7.2 version.

Hi @sudhanya-jaisingh

What steps did you take to upgrade your 7.1.2 instance to 7.2.1? You’ve shared the installation steps for 7.1.2, but not the upgrade steps you took for 7.2.1. Did you follow all of the steps outlined here:
If so, did you encounter any errors?

Hi @mwtech my issue was resolved. It was failing due to an env variable. Thank you.