Amster Job not reaching completion status

We are using am and ds components of Forgerock 7.1.0 on Kubernetes 1.26 Oracle Cloud OKE clusters.
Although it has worked fine on OKE 1.26 for couple of weeks, all of a sudden the Job dispatched by amster import command started not reaching completion status.

After running the following commands, amster pod reaches completion status

echo “Importing dynamic configuration”
find config/dynamic-config -type f -print -exec cat {} ;
./bin/amster import config/dynamic-config --namespace $FORGEROCK_NAMESPACE

The amster init container and pause container logs look fine

However, the amster job does not seem completed

When i look at the job yaml status section, i see success counter not incremented but uncountedTerminatedPods array filled

In fact the amster import command ends with a timeout on the wait for condition command because of this

Does anyone know or have a suggestion how to troubleshoot this issue?

I have to fix amster import and get it working again.

Hi @murat.ulker,

Since the Amster command has completed successfully as you say, I would turn the investigation toward the Kubernetes Job artefact and Oracle Cloud. This is something that ForgeRock can’t really help with,