Api versions

Hi Experts,
On API Explorer of OpenAm 6.5 there are like **Sessions v1.2, Sessions v2.1, Sessions v3.1 and Sessions v4.0 like not sure why we had this version and even not sure which one I can use it since it contains the same operations in each version. Pls advice.

You can use any of them but each version of the same API may be different in terms of signature, or response format.
You can inform AM of which version you wish to use with the Accept-API-Version header. Bear in mind that oldest versions will be deprecated first.
Check this documentation on how to configure the default behaviour of AM:

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Thanks Gery for the response.Could you pls let me know by default which version it accepts if I don’t provided any Accept-API-Version in header in request, like where it is being configured ? thanks

By default AM will use the “latest” value, i.e. the most recent version of the API being requested.
As per my previous post, you can change that behaviour if needed. You would usually worry about this when you upgrade AM to a new version so as to give your clients a grace period to upgrade their API calls towards AM.

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