April's Community Unplugged Event - ForgeRock Solution Deployment Architecture in the Current Age

ForgeRock Community Unplugged is a discussion-style, recurring event open to all technical audiences. They provide an interactive, engaging atmosphere covering a range of digital identity and technology topics. These events are not presentation heavy and are designed to provide an open forum for discussion and collaboration. Anyone with an interest in the month’s topic is encouraged to join and take part!

April’s topic: ForgeRock Solution Deployment Architecture in the Current Age features Guy Pensa!

Deployment planning is crucial to ensure your Access Management (AM) system is properly implemented. With the ever-evolving technological advancements, features, and options available for an AM solution architecture today, it has become imperative to match the requirements to deploy the solution appropriately. The session will emphasize the importance of accommodating use cases and implementing best practices to ensure a successful deployment of ForgeRock solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and gain valuable insights into ForgeRock’s solution deployment strategies in the current age.

Register here for the discussion, taking place on April 19th at 11am EST.

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Folks, don’t miss out on the chance to gain priceless knowledge about current-age solution deployment strategies and deployment planning from the distinguished Guy Pensa!

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