FR cloud URL refused to connect in an iFrame in an app

hi There,

getting following error when an application is trying to open FR cloud URL in an iFrame? refused to connect."

is this even supported?

Hi Ramizsyed!

Can you provide more information on the full path you are trying to embed in the iFrame?
The connection error is highly likely related to the `X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN; that we set.

We have a workaround for the /XUI/ route and are working on one for the /am/saml2/ route. Although our official stance is our customers should be using the SDK, not an iFrame, due to security risks associated with iFrames.

I can further consult with our internal teams if you could provide additional information. You may want to consider raising a support ticket for further assistance with workarounds. Please let me know if you do raise a ticket so I can ensure the SME I’m working with assists with your use case.

I’ve included a link below to help guide you through the quickest way to raise a Support ticket for Identity Cloud.

Thank you,