Google reCAPTCHA issue

Hi Team,
We are facing an issue while configuring user self-service registration, I have successfully configured user registration portal it’s working but when i have enable the google reCAPTCHA its getting verified but after that I’m not getting the User registration page, direct it giving an error of Exception intercepted from which I’m not getting what is the exact error.

Is there is extra configuration for this in the admin UI or do we need to provide a URL for specific to it or need to do any configuration related to Authentication tree.

Hello @Sonamparande_03,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community.

This error you are currently observing can be due to a network connectivity issue between your AM/IDM host and the Google service. Are you using a proxy to communicate with the Google reCaptcha service?

If you are utilizing the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, there is currently an article available in the Community that provides some additional insight into setting up Google reCaptcha in the Identity Cloud environment.

If you require further assistance, please provide some additional details about your environment setup, such as specific versions of Access Management used and if this is an on-premises install.

I hope you find this information helpful.

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