How to find the missing entries on DS for replication count mismatch?


How to find the missing entries on DS 5.5.x for replication count mismatch ?

We have 21 m users, we have seen almost 10k user mismatch between DS servers. We want to identify which users are missing from other servers .

fyi upgrading to v7.2 now…


Hi biswajitsahoocap, welcome to the community!

The following procedure to export the ldif files from each server for comparison and then initialize from a good replica is the simplest way to identify the missing entries and solve the replication mismatch:

Use the following commands to export and compare entries:

1. Export each DS instance

  • export-ldif --backendID userRoot --ldifFile export1.ldif
  • export-ldif --backendID userRoot --ldifFile export2ldif

2. grep “^dn: ” export1.ldif > dns1
3. grep “^dn: ” export2.ldif > dns2
4. diff dns1 dns2

To resolve the issue, you will need to initialize the replication on the ‘bad’ node from the ‘good’ node. When we refer to ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘good’ means the node with the most accurate entries for your whole topology.

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