How to retrieve Organization related information in Scripted decision node?

Hi everyone,

I am working on developing wizard form in Journey to create and update new organization. For creation I have utilized callbacks to collect information and used create object node to create new organization. But for update I need to understand how to retrieve organization information based on specific attribute like “name” or something and pull information and display it in callbacks so update can be made.
I have implemented this operation for users using “idRepository.getattributes()”. I want to understand how can we do this for organization.

Thank you in advance!

hi @Suriya
In this blog post I’ve explained how you can create a journey dedicated to alpha_organization creation : Business User and Company Onboarding in ForgeRock Identity platform, a B2B Use Case | by Stéphane Orluc | Medium
I think you should be able to find what you need here.
Basically, just create journey for apha_organization and use the Patch node.

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Hi @stephane.orluc ,

I got your point of create a from and patch node to do update operation but our requirements is something different.
For e.g.,
currently I have created update flow for users using scripted decision done which will capture uuid and will user “idrepository.getIdentity(uuid)” to pull all user values and push it into shared state then I use attribute collector node to display it to the users where they can do the modification and using patch node it will update those data.
I want to achieve this same thing for organization, but the point I struck is since we have idrepository.getIdentity(uuid) to retrieve user info I want to know there is any other way can we have method to fetch org data and push it to shared state so I can display it to admins who can modify and do the updation.

Thank you for your inputs but solution for above requirement! Thanks in advance!

Hi team,

I have figured out that using I can able to get organization details based on “_id” but I can’t able to get custom attributes created for the organization managed objects.
As I aware that for “user managed objects” custom attributes can be retrieved from “fr-idm-custom-attrs” but when I used this for organization managed object its not giving the expected output.

Need input for this! Thank you in advance:)

Hi Suriya

I dont think you need to use fr-idm-custom-attrs for organization managed object.

For organization, you should be able to access all attributes (including custom attrs) by their individual name.