Identity Cloud IDM managed mapping read/update via REST API

Hi There,

I’m looking for a method to read/update Identity Cloud IDM mapping configuration via API call.

Can you help share any useful API document for config Identity Cloud IDM mapping?


Hi @chuac,

First obtain an access token using a service account as per: Authenticate to Identity Cloud REST API with access token :: ForgeRock Identity Cloud Docs

Then you can read/update/patch IDM synchronisation mappings via the openidm/config/sync endpoint.

So for example, read the entire mappings with GET openidm/config/sync
Modify the JSON result as expected, then put back with PUT openidm/config/sync passing the modified JSON in the payload.
Or you can directly PATCH with a patch document like this

        "operation" : "replace",
        "field" : "mappings/0/displayName",
        "value" : "SyncFromLDAP"

Also for reference: REST Endpoints - Server Configuration


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