Identity gateway 6.5.X rewrite path

Hi Experts,
We are using IG 6.5.x and want to perform a uriPathRewrite. For instance
if the condition matches /am/ext/session want to map to /am/sessions
Well, there is a filter called UriPathRewriteFilter present in IG 7.x but I don’t see it in 6.5.x and when I tried to use that in IG 6.5…x it throws the following error “class not found exception UriPathRewriteFilter”.
Please advise how can I do path rewrite in IG 6.5.X some thing like following which is cited in IG 7


Hi Yeramsh,

I think the closest match is to use a scriptable filter and manipulate the request object in code (request.uri.path)

thanks Gery for the info.
Along this lines , Infact I want to allow a request if its in ip range of 10.* well there is an AllowOnlyFilter in IG 7 but not in 6.5.x. how would i allow a specific range of to access an API. thanks


This is a different question which should be treated in a different thread to keep things atomic, clean and useful to other participants (i.e. easily searcheable).
Please open a new thread for your new question.
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