IGA Module 403 Access Denied

We enabled Governance module and installed the latest version(onprem). As per FR docs we are supposed to use IDM url and use /governance in the IDM server URL. We are getting 403 Access Denied while trying to access the URL.

URL - https://DOMAINNAME.com/idm/svc/governance

Although IDM url is working fine and user can see the login page but getting access denied while using /svc/governance

Hello @nkicconsult,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I understand you have installed and enabled the latest IGA module. For confirmation which version have you installed? I’m asking because there was a previous bug that was fixed in IGA 7.1.1 entitled False error message ‘Access Denied’ is shown on logn with Access Review.

The description of this bug included the observed behavior of a red “Access Denied” message showing up on the login page, however, the user is NOT stopped from logging on, causing confusion as some users will not continue their login because they think they are denied.

Can you confirm if this is the same behavior you are experiencing?

Also, please confirm that you are using a user with an IGA internal role, i.e. one from governance-administrator , glossary-admin , or access-request-admin .

Your response will help to better address your needs if I need to consult with internal teams for recommendations or alternative approaches to meet your requirements.

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Hello @edward.johnson
Thanks for replying!
Yeah it was a bug and we are upgrading the version with the IGA 7.1.1. We will test it again once completed with the version upgrade.
Thank you!


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