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Hi there,
while am building a authentication node jar using mvn build am getting below error.Am doing a poc, seems like i dont have access to it could you pls provide access to it kindly. thanks

This below error i got from mvn build
authorization failed for JFrog, status: 403 Forbidden

When I tried accessing the above link from browser i get below error.
{ “errors”: [ { “status”: 404, “message”: “Browse request for repo:path private-releases:org/forgerock/am/openam-auth-trees/6.5.3 is forbidden for user ‘anonymous’.” } ] }

Hi @ysharat

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Please review the following article on how to access ForgeRock protected Maven repositories.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Ed,
Like what should i look in to this , pls point to the specific article to refer . It took me to home page , i didn’t find any relvent info over there.


Hi @ysharat

It seems you’re encountering difficulties accessing the article containing instructions for accessing the private repositories.

The repository for the project build from the class is private:

repo:path private-releases:org/forgerock/am/openam-auth-trees/6.5.3

The instructions are included below for your convenience. Please note that accessing the private release repositories requires a BackStage account linked to a subscription.

Accessing the ForgeRock protected Maven repositories

To access ForgeRock protected Maven repositories, you must:

  1. Ensure the BackStage account being used has been added to a subscription. See Getting access to product support for further information.
  2. Ensure the email address associated with your BackStage account has been verified. If you haven’t received your verification email, it may be in the Spam folder of your email account or you can resend a verification email as detailed in Logging in to ForgeRock services.
  3. Generate a valid ~/.m2/settings.xml file using your BackStage user credentials:
  4. Click the following link: JFrog
  5. Log in with your BackStage username and password; you must use your username rather than your email address to log in. This generates and downloads a settings.xml file that contains all the required repositories, along with your BackStage credentials (with the password encrypted for security).
  6. Copy this generated settings.xml file to the ~/.m2/ directory, replacing the existing file if needed.
  7. Log into Artifactory (which hosts the Maven repositories) using your BackStage username and password. This login process creates a local Artifactory account for your user and synchronizes your permissions/roles with BackStage.

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Am not in to any active subscription now ,just am trying to learn building custom authnodes.