OAUTH2 WITH Microsoft MVC5 web Application

1. OAUTH2 WITH Microsoft MVC5 web Application

Sanjit Adhikary

Posted 24 days ago

I have been working with 3rd party authentication like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google in my MVC5 application, but would like to do the same with ForgeRock. Since I am new to this environment, I would like to understand what are the requirements for setting this up. Like in Microsoft Azure we created a Client Id and Client Secret and then the app used Microsoft Authentication for authenticating an user. Similarly what are the steps here that we need to do to get similar results.

Any help (with samples if possible) will be really appreciated.



Sanjit Adhikary

2. RE: OAUTH2 WITH Microsoft MVC5 web Application

Jatinder Singh

Posted 24 days ago

Hi @Sanjit,

Since you mentioned Client ID/Secret, I think you seem to be looking for how to implement the OAuth2 protocol using ForgeRock for your application. I believe the below documentation link would be great resource on this excursion.

High-level steps:

  1. Create Realm;

  2. Create OAuth2 Service Provider - Configure this as per your requirements;

  3. Create OAuth2 Client - Configure this as per your requirements;

  4. Access Well-Known link to discover available features/endpoints;

  1. Configure AM’s Intelligent Authentication Nodes feature for Authentication. E.g. MFA, Username/Password, etc.

If you are new to ForgeRock AM, some of the above concepts might be foreign. And in that case, I would highly recommend going through the Access Manager documentation on the backstage site.

Hope this helps!


Identity Architect

Sqoop Data