OAuth2Provider Clients URLs

Hi, I’m configuring SSO feature for same web clients and I would like to know if there is a way to registry the web applications in forgerock to create OAuth2Provider without set a spefic URL, since it can have differents URLs deployed, depending of the web client domain. Is there a way to register the URL in ForgeRock on the webclient side to use SSO?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @zsnadou - Your question is not clear as to what you are attempting to do. I understand you want to configure SSO and you want to use the OAuth2 Federation to achieve it, but then:

  • What does same web clients mean? There’s no such thing as the same OAuth2 Client as it represents a unique client application;
  • And what URL are you referring to? It’s ambiguous;
  • And what does OAuth2Provider Client URLs mean?