QR code of OpenAM

I am trying to configure OpenAM qr code service chain as an identity provider for another application, and I am giving the client the URL of the identity provider which is http://localhost:8443/openam/XUI/#login/&realm=/&service=qrLogin, But after a successful login using the qr code the client prompt:

Missing state parameter in response from identity provider.

Is this even possible ?
What type of authentication is the qr code of OpenAM: Saml or open id connect ?
if this is possible what am I doing wrong ?

Hi Aichetou,

Using the QRCode in a journey and using this journey in a SAML integration is ok.

The error message seems to be coming from your SAML configuration.

If you are interested in using different journeys depending on SAML request, you may want to look into the Authentication Context on the SAML v2.0 Guide > Reference page.

Additionally, have you tried using the journey independently to isolate the issue and check if the journey is ok?

Could I ask for more contextual details on your use case? It would help us understand the issue better and provide more specific guidance.

It is also important to know whether you are using integrated or standalone SAML IDP Initiated or SP Initiated, as there are limitations to using the journey based on these factors.

Thank you,