RCS setup for reaching Identity Cloud on Minikube

Hi, for development I’m running FR Identity Cloud in Minikube on my laptop. The url that I used during setup is auth.example.com. It is the standard installation using frops install.
Now I want to run the RCS is Minikube too. What is the value that I have to fill in for connectorserver.url and connectorserver.tokenEndpoint?
And do I have to define another service?

Hi enschedem,

For a sandbox/dev system, the values would be



Details can be found in Identity Cloud Docs - Configure a remote server.

Please note that RCS is always deployed in client mode for Identity Cloud, which means that the values for connectorserver.url and connectorserver.tokenEndpoint remain the same regardless of the deployment environment, including Minikube. You don’t need to define another service, and there’s no need for an inbound connection to your RCS host.

I hope you find this helpful.