Recording and resources for Ping Identity | ForgeRock Developer: Develop a Custom Authentication Node and Modify a User Login Journey

In this session, Tyler Gelinas, senior integration software engineer demonstrated setting up environment for ForgeRock Identity platform, developing a custom node, installing the node and dived into setting up a user login journey with the custom authentication node.


Nice session ! It is very helpful for beginners who wants to develop custom nodes.


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This session in packed with information on topics such as:

  • how to add SmtpBaseConfig like this public interface Config extends SmtpBaseConfig
  • how to migrate from 6.5 "sent email node " to 7.3.0
  • how to update the shared state?
  • how to update an identity once it’s added to the shared state? Example, if you want to store the latest version of the demo-node into a field in the identity.

Here are some useful resources shared by Tyler in the session:


Setting up environment

Development of a custom node

Installing a node and updating a node

  • Installing a node
    • To compile a node, run mvn clean install
    • Copy the jar file into the /WEB-INF/lib directory.
    • Restart AM and the node will show up in the journey palette
  • Updating a node

Delivering nodes into ForgeRock Identity Cloud

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