Recording for ForgeRock Developers: SDK - Login Widget

In this session we have Justin Lowery with us, who is a Lead JavaScript SDK engineer. He is an expert in SDKs and very passionate about developer experience. In the session, Justin is going to showcase Login Widget’s top features, demonstrating how the Widget works in improving developer and user experience.

In addition to a bunch of FAQs about SDK Login Widget, Justin also answered some great questions asked by the attendees. I listed out some of the questions below, but there is a lot more information in there.

  • How can login widget handles email suspense node?
  • How can we use this login widget to windows native application that’s using AM REST API for authentication?
  • Does the login widget do form validation? e.g. if on the login screen you click ‘Sign in’ without completing the form, dorequired error messages display below the inputs?
  • Does this widget support the AM trees/journeys, callbacks, MFA nodes that’s shipped out of box with AM?
  • Would this Login widget be part of AM release and if so, which version?
  • Is there a plan to support the latest npm version - no. 20? As of now the supported versions are 16-18.

And here are the slides used in the session
login-widget-presentation-compressed.pdf (754.6 KB)

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