Seeking guidance on creating 'requestable items' in IDM/IGA for Access Request bundles

Hello everyone,

I’m currently testing ForgeRock IDM/IGA and trying to set up an Access Request process. I’ve reached a point where I need to create a requestable item that can later be included when creating a bundle.

I’m unclear on the exact steps to create a requestable item (or: to make an item “requestable”) and how to ensure it’s available for selection when creating a bundle.

Can someone provide help?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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In short:
In the Glossary Editor in IGA, you have to manually enter the key “requestable”.

In detail:
I’ll explain it for the case “role”.
Once you’ve created a role in IDM and after logging into IGA as an admin (with admin rights, it should be glossary-admin), navigate to “configuration”, then “Glossary Editor”, and then, for instance, to “object” (as object class). There, create a new object (+ New).

Here’s the crucial part: You need to create a new key, specifically the key “requestable”, then choose “boolean” as the type and “true” as the value. By doing this, you’ve created an item in IGA that is also requestable and will be selectable as such from now on. Note: the keys are case sensitive, meaning the key must be named “requestable” and not “Requestable”.

The key “requestable” is not a necessary key for an object – since not every object has to be requestable --, so this key is not given by default and you have to enter it yourself.