Send E-Mail from Tree or Scripted Decision Node (AM 7.5 only, no Platform Deployment)

Dear community,
is it possible to send an email with a built-in node in AM 7.5 or from within a scripted decision node (next generation, not legacy) without using the IDM rest api? We are using an on premise AM only deployment with no IDM/Platform integration.

I was able to do it from within a legacy scripted decision node by whitelisting ‘’, but this is no longer possible with next generation scripts.

Thanks for your help?

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In this case, there seems to be only these possibilities:

  • Stay with using legacy scripting (but is likely to be removed at some stage)
  • Deploy the SMTP mail client as an external service and invoke it from a scripted decision node via the http client.
  • Develop a custom Java node.

Hey Patrick,
thanks for your reply.

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