Setting AM 7.2.0 with Amster

Have anyone gone through the process of configuring realms with Amster? Looking for some help with setting up AM 7.2.0

Are you trying to setup Amster for the first time or do you have it already configured?

Any details on that type of entry should be covered here:

You could start by read the realm, then make a edits, and use update. Or if you are looking to create a realm you can use create.

Do you have more details on what you have tried or are trying to do?

I have configured Amster and have got it connected to my AM instance. However, I am also trying ton configure the realm similar to how I did with ssoadm for example Adding service attribute values in a realm. With ssoadm it was easily done with [ssoadm add-svc-attrs] but having issues adding attributed to the realm with amster

Does this article help?
How do I update property values in AM (All versions) using Amster?

One of the differences between amster and ssoadm is to update a single attribute, you need to do a read to return the entity, update the returned json and then do an update to apply your changes.