Tomcat 10 compatibility

Tried AM on Tomcat 10 and it blew up, is there any plan to make AM Tomcat 10 compatible in near future?

Hi @joshfr - Please use the following link to keep track of the supported Tomcat versions. And upgrading to version 10 of Tomcat is not straightfoward as it brings breaking changes especially around the spec APIs usage from javax to jakarta. So, applications are required to be recompiled against the new APIs.

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Hi! I wanted to share this additional information in case it helps others; The Tomcat 10 item is referenced in the AM 7.2 Release Notes under the Known Issues section.

AM 7.2.0 > Release Notes > Known Issues

  • OPENAM-19213: AM doesn’t work in Tomcat 10.

We do not have an ETA at this time, but it looks like AM 8.
The Release Notes will reflect the supported Tomcat version at the time of release.

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