Which URL to use in the platform UI setup if there is a load balancer for AM and IG

Hi There,

I recently installed PlatformUI in our environment. In the standalone setup, where IG, AM, and IDM are on a single server, the Platform UI installation and configuration were straightforward. However, in a more complex environment where IG, AM, and IDM are on separate servers with load balancing, I encountered some challenges.

In the standalone server setup, I used the server hostname in the AM IDM URLs, as shown below:

export AM_URL=https://servername:8443/difam
export AM_ADMIN_URL=https://servername:8443/difam/ui-admin
export IDM_REST_URL=https://servername:9443/openidm
export IDM_ADMIN_URL=https://servername:9443/admin
export IDM_UPLOAD_URL=https://servername:9443/upload
export IDM_EXPORT_URL=https://servername:9443/export
export ENDUSER_UI_URL=https://servername:8443/enduser
export PLATFORM_ADMIN_URL=https://servername:8443/platform

Now, in an environment with multiple instances of AM/IDM servers and a load balancer on top, I am unsure which URL to use in the export command (Load balancer URL, Individual server URL, or IG URL).

Could someone please provide guidance on how to address this situation?

Env diagram for your reference