From Sea Shanties to Sonnets

By Eve Maler posted 12-07-2021 07:29

Remember the infosec sea shanty craze? Then IDPro folks jumped in and we started doing identity sea shanties, because of course. (Darned if I can find them...anyone got a link?)

Well, thanks to an internal exercise, I found myself attempting a Shakespearean sonnet about identity and ForgeRock, because I'm nuts. Imagine you're trying to explain what ForgeRock does to Queen Elizabeth I.

Among disgraces of security
For English subjects all across the land,
We find a risky inability
To let the right one pass by their own hand —
Into a private space they can control,
Enabling work and play in ways carefree,
Assembling truths until they form a whole
And sharing only what they deign t’agree.
Your Highness, humbly we suggest ForgeRock
To be your trusted guard for all these facts
Stored safely in a lofty Tower block
For confidence in ev’ry artifact.
We courtiers attend your wishes all
Lest trust among your subjects tend to fall.

Any poets out there who want to share?
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12-07-2021 07:42

Need some tips on writing a sea shanty? Look no further than here and here. Bonus points and bragging rights for anyone who includes music of any genre. EMD has been done...death metal, anyone? :)