December's ForgeRock Community Unplugged-Video

December's ForgeRock Community Unplugged Event: Developing and Recognising Identity Expertise with the CIDPro Credential featuring Kevin Streater.

Expertise in Identity and Access Management is in high demand in many sectors. Until now it has been a challenge to gain broad industry recognition for these skills - a topic that the professional association IDPro is seeking to address. IDPro has a mission to globally foster ethics and excellence in the practice and profession of digital identity.

In this event, Kevin Streater will explain how to gain recognition for Identity and Access Management expertise through gaining the CIDPro credential, and how you can develop your skills to be able to achieve this status. Kevin will talk about the objectives of the CIDPro exam, and how you can develop your expertise to be able to successfully gain the credential.

Kevin Streater is chair of the IDPro certification committee, VP, Knowledge Delivery & Community, ForgeRock and has spent over 20 years working in the identity domain at Sun Microsystems and ForgeRock. Kevin is also a board member of the the Chartered Institute of Information Security, a UK professional body for Cyber Security leaders.

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