06 June 2022 Coming Soon! New Features and Functionality with Identity Cloud!


  • Email Template Editor Enhancements

The email template editor will be updated to improve the user interface (UI) by taking better advantage of the available space on the screen. A new preview panel shows you what your template looks like without the need to scroll, and an advanced editor allows you to use regular HTML with CSS styles for more control over the look and feel of your template.

  • User Journey UI Enhancements

Choice collector node: The choice collector node will be updated to deliver two options for making a selection: a drop-down field or radio buttons. This allows you to tailor the UI for the end-user as needed.

Platform password node : The platform password node will be updated to include a password confirmation field, if needed, with a simple checkbox.

Message node: The message node will be updated to allow you to have one button instead of two, so users can simply acknowledge a message instead of giving them multiple options.

Finally, you’re also able to customize the Next button text on each page node.

You can also use any Google font in your UI themes. Hundreds of fonts are available in the library to deliver a tailored experience to your end-users.

For previously released changes and enhancements, please see our Changelog Page

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