20 Apr 2022 Coming Soon! New Features and Functionality with Identity Cloud!

  • Import and Export User Journeys
Using the new import / export capability you’ll be able to import and export journeys via the UI, allowing you to more easily backup and restore journeys in your environment.

The feature will allow you to selectively import and export associated assets, like themes and scripts, along with your journeys. .
  • New! Event Hooks UI
It will now be easier to create event hooks using a new UI.

You can use event hooks to trigger a script based on a condition; for example, if a user is created or updated you can trigger a script to update the user with additional information from an external source. .
  • New! Identity Store Decision Node
Using the new identity store decision node, it will be easier for you to make authentication decisions based on user status.

The node will evaluate user status and output true, false, expired, locked or cancelled outcomes..

For previously released changes and enhancements, please see our Changelog Page

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