Access IOT Sensors via Forgerock | Sensor Communication Via Forgerock

Hello Team,

I was doing a project of configuring ForgeRock IOT SDK and gateway, but I was thinking about how ForgeRock can be used as an intermediary source before a user wants to access sensor data.

I have followed backstage documentation and set up the ForgeRock AM with IOT service. Any suggestions will be appreciated on the same.

Please let me know if any further detail is required

Hi AK7580,

It’s great to see you working with ForgeRock’s IoT SDK and Identity Gateway.
I’m happy to assist with checking with our internal teams for advice.

To better assist, could you please share more details about your use case and the specific nature of the sensor data you’re handling?
Additionally, could you provide some insights into the anticipated data flow within your setup? Are you considering the utilization of IG for tasks such as preprocessing, filtering, or validating sensor data before its final delivery to the end user?

This additional context will enable us to offer targeted guidance that aligns precisely with your requirements.

Thank you!