AM deployment issue

I am trying to create a forgerock AM demo on my PC and I follow the document steps to install AM. And I successfully start the tomcat on my localhost: , but after I copy the AM .war file to webapps folder, page shows a 404 error. Does anyone know how to solve this? Many thanks.

Did you restart? Tomcat would need to start up, see the WAR and explode the war. Also if you copied over AM.war, the Deployment ID will be AM not openam. Check the webapps directory, do you see an AM directory now created, if so try

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Hi William,
Thanks for your reply, I believe I restart tomcat and rename my WAR file, but it still shows 404. This WAR file is downloaded from Downloads - BackStage
I posted my configuration pictures.

Check catalina.out and see if there are any errors about the openam.war deployment.

The other issue from your screen shots is that I don’t believe Tomcat 10 is supported/tested yet

can you try with a supported Tomcat (8.5 or 9)

Change my tomcat to tomcat 9 and it works, thanks for your help!

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