AM fail after pod restart, with log error agent attributes IdRepoException

I have a problem when restart am or ds pods, like delete those pods or run a kubectl rollout restart, after new pods running, I can’t login platform, am log shows "AgentsRepo.getAttributes(): Unable to read/get agent attributes IdRepoException: Identity ou=resource-server,ou=default,ou=OrganizationConfig,ou=1.0,ou=AgentService,ou=services,ou=am-config of type agent not found., but I check ds-idrepo entry, it it right there. And this problem can be solved by running amster job again, however we can’t run amster job every time when pods restart.

Hi @ldeng_idmworks,

I’m sorry to hear you are facing this issue when restarting the Pods.
This issue has been brought to our attention via a support ticket. Our AM support team is closely collaborating with the customer and working to replicate and address the issue.

Once validation is complete, we will promptly provide the details and solution here to share with the collective knowledge base and assist others experiencing similar challenges.

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Hi Sheila,

Thank you for your update on the Pod restart issue. Ash is currently on vacation, so I’ll be monitoring the situation and looking forward to receive further feedback.

Happy Holidays and warm regards,

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