AM Group for Delegated Administration

I just setup a new install of ForgeOps 7.4 and created a Group using the platform UI, can see the group in AM and assigned delegated permissions but on login for a user they are not getting the AM permissions / privileges for administration. Also, in the AM console, I cannot see the user is a member of the group to be abel to assign permissions. Do you know if there is a change that needs to be applied to see the group membership?


I got this working post redeployment (had a bad client in my config) and recreated the group, assigned privileges, but when I login with my second admin account the AM console / access is not showing up even though I have delegated am console access to the group as a realm admin.

Hello @nick.hunt ,

Were you able to solve this issue? I’m having the exact same problem, I create the group through IDM console and assign the users, but when I look for it in AM it’s empty.

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