AM/IDM Integration

After AM/IDM integration, when trying to login to IDM first it is getting re-routed to AM login Page, after giving amadmin credentials its routing to IDM logging page which shouldn’t be, how to restrict this IDM logging page?

Hi Niladri_123,

I’m sorry you encountered an issue with the expected redirect to the login page after your IDM/AM migration.

I wanted to reach out and confirm that our support team has successfully resolved the issue by identifying some missed configuration settings based on the following documentation:

ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.2 > Separate identity stores > Set up AM> Configure OAuth clients.

Thank you,

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Can you give more details also on which versions your using. There were 2 approaches to AM and IDM integration. How you set them up is pretty different.

We should really work to use the “Platform” way. Detailed here: Overview :: ForgeRock Identity Platform

When you use the platform, there is a combined new UI, with links to the IDM and AM pages.