AM node script nodeState.putShared can't change the value set initially

I am using nodeState.putShared(“counter”, 1) in first scripted node and in second scripted node I get the value and increment it and put it back in nodeState.putShared(“counter”, 2).

However, I am expecting the last value set that is 2 when i do nodeState.get(“counter”) in any subsequent node but I get the initial value that is 1.

Tried to remove the variable from nodeState.remove(“counter”) but still does not help, it returns the first value set.

How to override/update the value set in nodeState.putShared() ?

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hi @vdl
As a workaround, you can replace nodeState.putShared(“counter”, 1) by sharedState.put(“counter”, 1).


FYI: IDCloud is to deprecate the bindings sharedState and transientState per OPENAM-17666.

Also, I would suggest printing out the value to logs to inspect what is going on. I do expect the counter to be updated. Also, please note, the get(key) method retrieves the state for the key from the NodeState in the following order: transient, secure, shared. So, if you have the same key in the transient state, the method returns the value from the transient state first.


Unfortunately, this looks like a bug. I also expected the counter would be updated, but using t.he putShared method seems to only work if the key is not already set

  • This is OPENAM-17868
  • But either see nodeState.remove(“…”) helps
  • Due to too much dependencies and already customization written, it is hard to fix w/o bounding the unknown impact of all enduser scripts. So in due cause the solution is to move slowly away from this deprecate usage.
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