AM want to upgrade 6. to 7.4

Hi anyone can help here.

We don’t know how to upgrade the current version to the latest version(6 to 7.4)

Hi imranmeharban, Thank you for reaching out with your upgrade question.

Could you kindly confirm if you are upgrading from 6.x or 6.5.x? It’s important to note that AM 6 is not on the Supported upgrade paths to 7.4.

If you are are currently running AM 6.0, I would recommend first upgrading to the supported 6.5 version, and then you can follow the upgrade instructions to AM 7.4

As you initiate this endeavor, please also consider raising a support ticket to make support aware of the upgrade. Planning recommendations entail but are not limited to ensuring proper backup of your deployment, accounting for existing customizations, if any, and reviewing respective release notes for functionality considerations.

Please also find below some added guidance and best practice approach for upgrading to 6.5.x:

I hope this information helps.