Anybody done the uprade to FRIM 6.5.x+ in a non outage situation?

As part of the upgrade from FRIM 5.x to FRIM 6.5.x+?

As part of the upgrade there is a transform of Relationship data that needs to be done, and it appears to be done sequentially. We have developed a chunked approach to this using Oracle Editions Based Redefinition so that we can migrate and fallback to/from 6.5.x/5.5.x if we need to.

However the transformation takes around 2+ hours to perform, thus requiring an outage to ensure the migration completes successfully and the data is in sync and intact.

Has anybody completed this without using tooling such as Oracle Golden Gate, that they would like to share?

We would like to minimise the outage for FRIM 5 and we can deploy FRIM 7.x in a dormant state, but its the impact of that transform we need to minimise.

Nicholas Irving