Attribute Value Decision Comparison

Hi FR Community,

I was wondering how I could go about handling comparing a user-inputted email string to the “mail” attribute tied to their user object in Identity Cloud. I read the documentation on the Attribute Value Decision node, and didn’t see a way to include the user’s input in the Comparison Value field.

Does this node require a hard value in the configuration for comparison?
Am I able to insert what the user typed into that part of the configuration via variables?
Is what I’m trying to accomplish with this possible with this node or does it require a Scripted Node?

Below is a screenshot of my journey stripped down just to test this piece. Ideally, the use case is if they enter an email and it matches a user with that email, then continue. If they don’t match, go down a path with some retry options.

Thank you

Hi codydupuis:
I have met same requirement with you. I user two scripted node to realize it.
First node to collect the attribute you want and save it into sharedstate. you can use StringAttributeInputCallback.
Second node to compare two values, one from sharedstate, another from user object