Authentication audit log

Hi Experts,
How would I configure to log inside the authentication.audit.json the true-clientIP/x-forward-for during failed logins? Pls advice.


Go to Configure → Server Defaults → Advanced, add a new property at the end of the list:
com.sun.identity.authentication.client.ipAddressHeader → X-Forwarded-For (don’t forget to click on the +)

Ensure that your reverse proxy/etc actually sets the header.

You may need to restart AM for it to work, not sure on that one.


Thanks for the response.
Let’s say at the load balancer we set X-Forwarded-For and at openam side, we will declare in a groovy script like following String clientIP= request.header(“X-Forwarded-For”).
Then why would we need to set the below one?
com.sun.identity.authentication.client.ipAddressHeader → X-Forwarded-For