Authentication Node Failure

Hi Everyone,

I downloaded Duo Authentication tree node and created an authentication tree as mentioned in the marketplace. However, my authentication fails without the Duo node being triggered. I can see that the node failed to process in the debug log .

ERROR: Node processing failed
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 1 out of bounds for length 1
[CONTINUED] at com.duosecurity.duoweb.DuoWeb.verifyResponse(
[CONTINUED] at com.duosecurity.duoweb.DuoWeb.verifyResponse(

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Do you have message level logs for the transactionID that is leading up to this error? It would be good to see what is occurring before the error is thrown.


Hey Tintin12,

This failure looks like it is occurring when processing the callback from Duo (duo-auth-node/ at master · ForgeRock/duo-auth-node · GitHub). My suspicion here is that the hidden callback on the UI is not being populated properly (i.e. not at all) and you are seeing the result of this when the Duo code is attempting to parse the signature expected in that callback (duo_java/ at master · duosecurity/duo_java · GitHub).

When I implemented this node on 7.2 I recall having to make some changes to the JS rendered from duo-auth-node/ at master · ForgeRock/duo-auth-node · GitHub. I think this code was focused on the Identity Cloud and Identity Platform UI, which differs somewhat from the AM XUI.