Authentication with web agent (Apache / Linux)

I’m evaluating the platform with apache web agent. All http request return 403 error without prompting for password authentication. Apache is setup as reverse proxy.
I followed the tutorial to setup the realm, authentication workflow, created a user … and setup the web agent. If I switch the agent off (AmAgent Off) pages are fetched properly.

Can someone give some links ?

In the log files I received the following:

OpenAM Web Agent is not configured to handle the request to /favicon.ico (unable to get agent configuration instance, configuration: /opt/forgerock/web_agents/apache24_agent/instances/agent_1/config/agent.conf, error: file
parser error), referer: http:/.../index.html


Hi Spassignat!

There are a couple of links provided below, I think you will find helpful.

If you’re receiving a 403 without getting prompted to log in, I suggest reviewing the three checks in the following Web Agents documentation to ensure the point of contact for the AM site: Agent’s IP Address and/or FQDN.

Additionally, (if you’ve not already seen this reference), a great example in the Web Agents documentation steps you through configuring the Apache HTTP Server as a Reverse Proxy: Configuring Apache HTTP Server as a Reverse Proxy Example

I hope this helps to resolve your issue.

Thank you,