Bit Bucket access on Forgerock


I am unable to clone from Giving the error need bit bucket access and contact administrator.

I checked with my company FR team they are not aware of it and are reaching it out with other members. The command used is as below

git clone Browse OpenAM / am-external - ForgeRock Stash

Error :- “you do not have access to bitbucket.Please contact your administrator to resolve the issue”

Admin does not have idea on this.
Any suggestions how to resolve this?

Hi Sajid,

Thanks for having raised this matter with us, which appeared to have resulted from recent changes by our source code team and has since been corrected.

There have been changes recently made to BitBucket access. However, customers who have access to source, am-external, is now public at GitHub - ForgeRock/am-external: This repository contains OpenAM and AM source code that you can use to modify and extend AM functionality.

This is the replacement repo, so please go ahead and try this.

We are also working to ensure our documentation [proactively] reflects the same.

Warm regards,