Case sensitive Conditions fur url mathching in IG Routes

We are setting up the routes on the identity gateway and just found loophole in one of the routes, we are adding a condition of matchesWithRegex(request.uri.path, ‘^/endPoint’). We thought all was good until we realised that /endpoint won’t match this so it falls through the routes to get denied.

I have tried several of the usual switches etc to make my regex case insensitive but none of them seem to work, can anyone provide a working example?

Hi @RachelK - have you tried starting the expression with (?i)? For example:
matchesWithRegex(request.uri.path, ‘(?i)^/endPoint’)

I just did a quick test using an existing route (which uses the find function, but both find and matchesWithRegex take a regular expression pattern as an input) and found this to work.