Changing log location for java.util.logging.FileHandler.pattern

I have been tasked with some configuration management for OpenIDM and to move any logs over to /var/log/openidm

I have seen plenty of docs discussing changing the log level and giving the location of logs but am unable to locate info for changing the logs.

I tried changing the value for java.util.logging.FileHandler.pattern in and with a full path to the new intended destination which did not cause any change or error. I understand that the default location is based on the user.home java property. I don’t wish to change configuration or data directories at this time so I am hesitant to pursue changes to that value.

Is it possible to change the logging destination?
Any assistance or direction to helpful literature is appreciated.

Please disregard this request.
It wasn’t clear from the logs, but this was a permissions issue.
Setting java.util.logging.FileHandler.pattern to either full or relative path both work to set logging destination

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Hi, springtide!

I’m glad to hear you found a solution and want to thank you for sharing it with us!!

I appreciate you giving some of your valuable time to update us and share your knowledge with the community. The information you posted on cause and solution will be instrumental in helping others who may face this issue.