Conditional LiveSync - Apply conditions to filter and assess before auto-creation of accounts

Hello All,

Is there any way to restrict liveSync feature (that leads to auto provisioning of new account creation) based/assessed prior on some conditional filters?

I have the below requirement example like:

  1. If employeeType is “Employee” and costCenter falls under the values (1, 10, 5, 4) ----> only then allow auto-provisioning of new target application account

  2. this auto-provisioning of new application account should be assessed and triggered immediately after new user identity creation in ForgeRock IdentityCloud

How to achieve this - any help is appreciated.


Hi @saunak1191 ,

Provide a validSource script in the corresponding sync mapping.


Hi @patrick_diligent ,

Could you please provide a sample / syntax for the validSource script and tell me where to write this?

Thanks in advance!