Configuring ID Cloud Scheduler (Trigger email /Execute Script)


Has anyone faced issues with configuring Identity Cloud scheduler. Simple scheduler like executing a script or sending a email is not triggering.

The idm-config shows the scheduler is configured, but it is never triggered. The monitoring logs don’t show much. Any pointer appreciated.

Thanks -Mat

I was able to execute a simple scheduler and send an email through an inline script from the ID cloud DEV instance.

The next is to execute a Task Scanner on the user data and send out an email if the password expiry is less than n days.

I followed the linked and created a scheduler, but doesn’t seem to have any effect on the user data. if any one worked on a scheduler Task Scanner on FR ID cloud, Please provide some pointers.


Create a new scanning task :: ForgeRock Identity Cloud Docs](Create a new scanning task :: ForgeRock Identity Cloud Docs)