Contribute to Forgerock source code

Is there a way we can contribute to the private repositories. There are some bugs which seems quite straightforward to fix (ex: subname override in id token). If we can at-least raise a pull request and then forgerock can decide whether to use it or not.

Hi @joshfr, Thank you for your question. I’m pursuing your inquiry with the ablicable teams and will follow up with you as soon as I have the relevant information.


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Hi @joshfr,

Apologies for the late reply. I have been pursuing your request through the chain of authoritative cross-functional resources seeking approvals for external contributions to our source code in the form of bug fixes only.

So external parties can’t directly contribute to our source code. However, it would be possible to accept code for bug fixes, but it would have to be sent as source files to us, with an appropriate copyright header (open source, e.g., apache 2.0), and ForgeRock would raise a pull request and submit it through the same testing that every change follows.

If you are still interested in contributing fixes, I need to have further discussions with our internal teams to confirm the required delivery mechanism for sending your source files to us.

Thank you and kind regards,