Create logic to enable/disable organization in ForgeRock IDC

Hi everyone,

We got the user case where when organization is set inactive all underlying sub-orgs and members/users are not allowed to do authentication… like we have active/inactive status for users we need to have that same logic per organization/sub-organization.
Need your support on this. Thanks in advance…

Hi @Suriya
To do what you want I would:
1- extend Organization schema adding custom_status boolean attribute
2- include in your authentication trees a check to validate the Org to which the user is belonging is active.
Et voila!

Hi @stephane.orluc ,

I have created Boolean attribute like you suggested. I am struck with how to get organization details of users, as I know we can push and pull profile attributes but I am not sure how to retrieve org attributes using scripts in scripted decision node. If any sample to pull org details of users who tries to authN would do a great help.
Thanks you for ur response…